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Discovering Africa provides diverse learning opportunities across a range of educational subjects Specialising in the diversifying of the curriculum, our online and in person workshops aim to highlight Africa’s contributions to global advancement.
“The Discovering Africa Education encourages us to become better global citizens through its diverse programs. Enabling students to garner a mutual respect for others and to develop their cultural understanding. ” – Tara van Gastel and Odilia Okonga (Discovering Africa Education Founders)

We currently run two programs:
  • The Discovering Africa Initiative: A whole school initiative that can be delivered over the course of up to 6 weeks. This includes resources, school guidance and an authentic African History workshop that can be delivered either in person or virtually.
  • Discovering Africa Education: With a commitment to displaying Africa’s contributions to the world, through our diverse curriculums we offer virtual/online lessons in five subjects, including Science-Nutrition and African Literature.

For more information, contact us: DiscoveringAfricaSchool@gmail.com