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Educultural Travel in Kenya

International Students from Netherlands for the IB requirement for CAS through cultural immersion and practical Service work.

  • Mindfulness– You will be challenged to step outside your comfort zone and develop your self-confidence.
  • Conservation– You will learn about how human and nature can co-exist, Experience the concept of eco-tourism in a self-sufficient camp, Help to reforest Kakamega Forest & Elgeyo Marakwet
  • Teaching and Artistic Experience– Offer your time and energy to spend time with Luhya & Kalenjn children and craft together. You will learn how to make brooms, mats, clay pots, etc. You will be challenged to be more sensitive to the other cultures. A chance to also learn Luhya, Kalenjin or Swahili language.
  • Adventure– Apart from Masai Mara Safari, you will venture into Elgeyo Marakwet’s nature and have a day-long trek in the Kakamega forest with a Botanist where you will learn about different herbal and medicinal plants.