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Agribusiness tours

You shall be exposed to The Dutch Farm Experience in the areas of Horticulture, Floriculture, Poultry,
Dairy farm, goat sheep, Buffalo, Camel, and Kobe cattle rearing.

For who are Agribusiness Tours?

  • Agricultural institutions

School Tours

International Students for the IB requirement for CAS through cultural immersion and practical Service
work, where the following 5 goals will be achieved :

  • Mindfulness– You will be challenged to step outside your comfort zone and develop your self-confidence.
  • Conservation– You will learn about how human and nature can co-exist, Experience the concept of eco-tourism in a self-sufficient camp, Help to reforest Kakamega Forest & Elgeyo Marakwet
  • Teaching and Artistic Experience– Offer your time and energy to spend time with Luhya & Kalenjn children and craft together. You will learn how to make brooms, mats, clay pots, etc. You will be challenged to be more sensitive to the original culture. A chance to also learn Luhya, Kalenjin or Swahili language.
  • Adventure– Apart from Masai Mara Safari, you will venture into Elgeyo Marakwet’s nature to track animals.
    You will also have a day-long trek in the Kakamega forest with a Botanist where you will learn about different herbal and medicinal plants.

Educultural Safari

African Music Entertainment.

For who is the Educultural Safari?

  • Tourists-¬†Educultural Travel will give you an amazing experience of the wonderful wild nature of Kenya through Safaris. The big 5 are a must-see. You will also experience the beauty of the different Kenyan cultures.
  • For Africans in the Diaspora- A special journey is organized where they can learn about their special heritage. You shall visit organizations and institutions led by Africans, You will learn about the African culture, their resilience, and brilliance of their communities, and immerse into the Swahili culture.
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