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Swahili Language Classes & Workshops

Swahili  is the African language spoken in East Africa. Taught by a native speaker, you will also learn the culture, mentality, and manners in East Africa.

For who is the Swahili language?

  • Africans in the Diaspora.
  • Tourists going to East Africa.
  • You do business in East Africa and you want to be independent in communication.
  • You have a charity in East Africa and you want to learn about the culture of the people.
  • You study tropical Agriculture and are going for an Internship to East Africa.
  • You are a Medical student and are going for an Internship to East Africa.
  • You just want to learn the Swahili language

African cooking workshops

For who is the cooking workshop?

  • You are a company and you are looking for an original Teambuilding Activity.
  • You have reached a milestone in age and you want to do something special with your friends.
  • You belong to a group and you would like an original activity.
  • You are curious about the African kitchen.
  • You have your child’s birthday and you want a new and original activity.

Our Menu

We also do catering. This is our menu

Menu per portie

1. Gebakken rijst + Rundvlees + Salade=  Eur. 8,00

2.Chapati( Roti) + Groenten Soep = Eur. 5,00

3. Gebakken rijst + Eiercurry + Salade =Eur. 7,00

4. Swahili Stampot + Rundvlees = Eur. 8,00


Samosa( loempia) gevuld met Rundergehakt = Eur. 2,00  per stk

Vegetarische Samosa += Eur. 1,50 per stk

HCCP gecertificeerd

*Voor 10.00uur bestellen, 17.00 klaar.

African Dance classes

For who are the dance classes?

  • You are lonely and you want to meet new people.
  • You want to experience freedom in your body and soul.
  • You want to organize a team-building activity for your employees.
  • You want to lose weight in a fun way.
  • Your child has a birthday party and you want to organize a fulfilling activity.
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