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Diversity conversations

Odilia Anyachi Okonga is offering workshops and training on Diversity & inclusion, subconscious biasness and ways of building Bridges
The primary audience for this course is anyone who is interested in learning about race/racism, who has never taken a course in critical race or ethnic studies or affiliated fields (indeed, who may not know what the fields of critical race studies or ethnic studies are), who has never read a book about race/racism or attended any race equity or diversity trainings on the topic of race/racism.
Through group exercises, video analysis, and discussion, we will become aware of our self-perception, question stereotypes, and try to practice a change of perspective. We will create a space for the respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas on an important current social topic

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use and comprehend contemporary intersectional terminology through a provided glossary.
  • Critically discuss sub-conscious biasness.

These courses can be tailored to the following fields.

  • Education
  • Policing
  • Counselling & Social work
  • Art (Music, Entertainment)
  • Medical
  • Government policies